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About Me

I am a philosopher interested in ethics, the philosophy of emotion, and the philosophy of relationships, love, and sex. 

Currently I am a teaching fellow at the University of Birmingham.

Between October 2015 and September 2018 I was a British Academy junior research fellow at the University of Oxford, and a non-stipendiary junior fellow at Corpus Christi College. 

My DPhil was competed in Oxford in 2015. Before that, I studied my BA and MPhil in philosophy at King’s College London between 2006-2011.


My current research projects focus mainly on the philosophy of relationships in their ethical and emotional dimensions. Some topics include: non-monogamy, grief and breakups, the emotions of jealousy and compersion, and romantic love.

I am also working on a separate project with Per-Erik Milam about practices of ceasing to blame, such as forgiving and ‘letting go’ of blame. 

In recent years I have also written on value pluralism, different ideals of the integrated self, emotional conflicts, grief and narrative, and social roles. 


My DPhil thesis, Integration, Ambivalence, and Mental Conflict, examined the ideal of an integrated mind free of conflicts and ambivalence, and the relationship between integration, action, emotional turmoil, and virtue. 

My MPhil thesis, Role Relatedness: Thought, Feeling, and Ethical Demands, examined our subjective relations to social roles. I drew upon sociological research into roles to sketch an ethical account of how role-occupancy shapes human subjectivity. 

Other Writing

I have written on issues in higher education for the Independent and the Times Higher Education, and have reviewed books for a variety of publications including the Times Literary Supplement